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At Physiotherapy In Chelsea we treat a wide range of conditions, ranging from lower back, neck/shoulder problems, and limb pains to sports injuries.

Some problems will be related to long working hours and/or poor posture, while others will be due to sporting injuries. With many years experience in private Physiotherapy practice, we have treated a full complement of sports injuries for both amateur and professional athletes, as well as work-related conditions, for all age groups.

Some will have recurrent problems while others may present with injuries that are more acute.


At Physiotherapy In Chelsea, all patients undergo a thorough assessment prior to treatment, to identify the exact nature of the injury and what underlying factors could contribute to the pain.

Treatment is based on accurate manipulation of the affected area to gain rapid pain relief.

Retraining of muscles following an injury is essential, and we provide exercises aimed at restoring good posture to minimise the risk of re-occurrence; A good posture also helps you to achieve the look of a healthy and well-balanced body.